About the Blog

The Peak Brain Performance Blog is designed to initiate discussion about healthy living. Of course, the brain is a hot topic here so most information will link back to brain performance. Whether the topic is a new concept for readers or a well-known healthy living theory, we’re hoping to promote the valuable process of reviewing, questioning, and discussing how these practices can better our lives.

About the Company

Peak Brain Performance offers advanced neurofeedback (some call it eeg biofeedback), which helps optimize brain activity.  We use the systems and software from Brain State Technologies, the leading brain optimization system in the world.  Our office is located in Powell, Ohio near Columbus and have clients in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  It’s a pleasure to answer questions and help you decide if our services are right for your situation.

About Me

Probably not a different story from many of you… I found myself researching ailments and conditions to help family and friends and recognized the major role that the brain plays in our health. My focus on neurology began and I discovered Brain State Technologies as the blessing to health that it is. I have neurofeedback certification through Brain State Technologies, a Masters in Human Services Management and wonderful experience with clients ranging from age 6 and beyond. I LOVE to learn and help others, so this is the perfect gig for me.