One of the best questions I ever asked was, “What is Brain State Technologies?”  I had been researching a variety of issues – from stomach issues to ADD, depression to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and all of them led to the brain.  It was so intriguing that neurology became my passion and long-term career path.  In a conversation with a physician I learned about the brain training that Brain State Technologies makes possible.  It isn’t a series of brain teasers or numerical challenges, it’s a relaxing training process for the brain that helps harmonize and balance the brain so it functions optimally.  The more I learned about it, the more brain training made sense – a better functioning brain makes for a better functioning body.

I had to try brain training for myself, and once I did, I wanted to share the opportunity with my friends and family. That’s what inspired me to become certified to provide neurofeedback (also called eeg biofeedback) and establish Peak Brain Performance .  If you have questions about brain training, I would be glad to help you learn more and connect you with a Brain State Technologies expert near you if you’re not near my office.